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Commercial Audio/Video

Business and commercial establishments often require specialty audio/video systems. Such systems can provide background music, paging, and TV. A boardroom may require teleconferencing with interactive presentation displays whereas a bar and restaurant would need music, paging, and multiple TVs featuring sports programming. Apps are also available allowing patrons to watch a selected TV and listen on their smart phone. Commercial A/V systems are installed in private offices, hospitals and medical offices, bars, hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets as well as law enforcement and government locations. We offer major brands of commercial electronics including HDTV displays, projectors, speakers, amplifiers, and control systems. John Whitford Communications has the experience designing and installing custom commercial systems to fit your needs since 1982. References are available.

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Satellite Internet

John Whitford Communications offers business and enterprise-class satellite internet solutions. If you run a small business from home, we have a solution for you. If you work a remote jobsite or a have a business needing a connection where other services do not go, we have a solution. We offer services to business, government, education, construction, military, fueling stations, and any site requiring a rugged, fast, and reliable internet connections from Viasat, Quickdraw and Starlink. Options include static IPs, month- to-month terms, multiple speed and data packages. We even offer mobile systems for temporary sites and special events.

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Satellite TV & Music Services

Satellite TV and music services are required for doing business in this informational age. Satellite TV can provide your business with news, weather, and sports. Customers watching TV in a waiting room perceive shorter wait times. TV entertains and informs employees and customers, a well-received added value. Both DIRECTV and DISH offer commercial packages for private, public, or free-to-guest systems as well as music/news/talk feeds such as Sirius/XM. Using commercial programming keeps your business safe from penalties involving licensing fees. John Whitford offers TV and music service for all types of commercial locations, anywhere TV and music is desired.

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Surveillance Cameras

We all worry about crime, your employees’ and customers’ safety and property security are a paramount responsibility and liability. Mail and package thefts are a major problem that’s getting worse. You can help protect your employees, business, and property with a simple video doorbell or a professional multi-unit camera system. Today’s systems allow you to see who is at the door on your smartphone. Our systems allow HD recording and two-way audio, even facial recognition. Is everything OK while you are away? With our smart cameras you can know in real time, anytime, anywhere.

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WiFi & Wireless

Today’s modern electronics operate wirelessly. A strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection is the key to these devices’ seamless operation. Connected devices coping with a weak signal or a low data rate will cause video buffering, slow web surfing, and will reduce maximum range. You need the proper equipment installed in order to prevent problems. We can send your signal a few rooms away or a few miles. Long distance Wi-Fi is one of our specialties, reliability is our mission.

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Cellular Reception

No bars, no problem, we have Cell phone extenders and boosters for those locations with poor Att and Verizon reception. Cell phone boosters increase signal strength from outside and bring the signal indoors. Network extenders provide a cell phone connection over the internet. We offer sales and installation of both types of service. From a single room to a warehouse we have the products and expertise.

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Weather stations

Rainwise, Setting Industry Standards in Precision Environmental Monitoring Equipment Since 1974. Leading the way in technological development - from the original tipping bucket rain gauge and 1st digital weather station to the new frontier of wind and solar monitoring instruments - our selection of more than 50 rain and temperature gauges, monitors, sensors, and related software products offer ideal monitoring solutions for weather enthusiasts, municipalities, federal government, and industrial manufacturers. All our products are proudly made right here in the United States and are backed by free software upgrades and lifetime support.

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Satellite Phones

Satellite Phones by Globalstar. We offer rugged reliable satellite phones for sale or rent. Satellite phones provide an extra layer of safety. Globalstar offers a full range of voice and data products to keep you connected wherever your business or life takes you. We specialize in handheld satellite phones, fixed phones and satellite Wi-Fi hotspots designed to help you maintain productivity when cellular and landlines are unavailable. Be Safe, Be Heard with Globalstar.

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GS Phone

Mobile Security and WiFi Unit

John Whitford offers mobile communications trailers for rent, “QuickDraw2GO.” These units provide internet, managed Wi-Fi, cellular boost, observation camera, two-way radios, and voice service. These units are available for one short-term event or as long as you need one. QuickDraw2GO offers an all-in-one solution for remote jobsites, construction yards, special events, and disaster relief efforts. QuickDraw2GO has been used by the Red Cross, KJUG & KZOZ radio, the Creston rodeo, the Wildflower triathlon, Critter Creek Ranch, and so many others. One trailer is always available free of charge to San Luis Obispo County for disaster response.

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