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DISH network offers the best value and the most popular TV channels with the lowest all-digital prices nationwide... every day! Whether you want hundreds of channels or just a few, DISH has a plan for you. Pick a package designed for your budget and your special interests and John Whitford Communications will do the rest. With so many options available, we suggest you contact us for details on plans, pricing, and equipment. We provide information you need in simple, plain English. We offer residential, RV, and business systems with expert installation by our own local technicians, your neighbors. We’ve installed thousands of systems. Be sure to ask about the Hopper and Joey system when you call.

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DISH and DIRECTV are great TV service options, but we recommend DISH for most people. DISH and DIRECTV offer good service with a wide range of channels and many add-on packages. They beat cable providers hands down with better HD pictures, built-in DVRs, and more channels at affordable prices. You can’t go wrong either system, DISH or DIRECTV. We know, we install both.

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ATT/DIRECTV is the industry’s sports programing leader, offering NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, and many other sports packages; regional, college, and professional. We offer residential, RV, and business plans tailored for your needs. Local expert installation by John Whitford Communications.

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TV Antennas

In 1982, John Whitford started his business selling and installing roof-top TV antennas and he is still providing this service today. With experience installing hundreds of antennas in Arizona, Colorado, and California; John knows the technology. Whether you want to pull in distant TV channels, FM radio, or local TV channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and FOX, we can make that happen. We offer top brands with expert installation. TV antennas are a great cost-saving measure and are internet streaming’s best friend. Maybe it’s time to “Cut the cable” and get FREE HDTV. Let us show you how!

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Tailgating at the stadium, camping in the great outdoors, or in seeing our country in a RV? Take your favorite TV shows with you, don’t miss a single episode or the big game. We offer a complete line of portable and mounted systems from Winegard and Dish. Kits are available for DISH or DIRECTV.

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